Multi Award Winning Louise Brand Photography

My Gallery just some pics from 2013/16.


I personally felt I have to show my customers of where I began working towards becoming professional for many years. 

Starting 17 years ago with batteries everywhere in my handbag.  After winning 9 Awards and voted Top 500th Wedding Professional in the World in May 2015.

Here is a small collection of my photographs from my portfolio.  From the very first wedding as a novice (using a Kodak Easy Share Camera only 3 mega pixels!), 

To my achievements to-date as a professional, seven years on (26th March 2011) and 41 weddings a year, alone.  Each and every photo tells a story about the path I have taken in my photographic journey.  Using Every single 35mm SLR camera, to the latest of Digital (DSLR's) I have enjoyed every minute and wanted to share my experience with you!

Please Enjoy!!! 

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Just a sneak peak from the last four weddings this year (2017).  I can and will adapt my style of photography depending upon what you like and want to see on the day.  All of the photographs I have taken over the years are always adapted to what my Bride's and Grooms desire.  At the end of the day, these are "Your" photos not mine or someone else choice.  I want as much input from you as possible to capture exactly what you require.  I do like to keep in regular contact with you and feel free to throw photos at me of what you have in mind.  This enables me to recreate my/our own style and gain the uniqueness that we both desire. 

 Photo Restoration: